Calatagan Club Championships 2014 Results and Sum Up

Hi all,


Hereby a late update on what happened at our annual Club Championships in Calatagan. First of all, I hope everyone has recovered from the food poisoning that almost everyone got affected by. Conclusion from talking to most people is that it seems to have come from the Seafood in the balsa rafts, so next year we will be more careful and possibly change the menu.


Results of the first day

Class B was won by Ken Johansson, he used 107 strokes, 32 putts and scored 39 stableford points.

In Class A, the winner was Rowena Bjoerklund, she used 85 strokes, 34 putts which was enough for 43 Stableford points.

Rookie Class was won by Matthias Meyer with 128 strokes, 39 putts and 34 stableford points.

Guest Class was won by Jan Nilsson. He used 109 strokes and 33 putts which was enough to give him 31 stableford points.

Other than these results, the Scandinavians also managed to win a few trophies in the other tournament we joined. Allan Falkenberg and Knud Hedeager won the male class and a few others did well also. Well done!!


Sunday Tournament

A lot of players either didn’t start or had to drop out midway of the golf round due to the food poisoning. But amongst those who finished, the top three was:

2nd runner up was Palle Hansen. He had a round in 114 strokes and 35 putts and over the two days, he had a net score of 145 strokes.

1st runner up was Lotta Haase. She used 103 strokes and 28 putts on the second day which gave her a net score over the two days of 135.

The overall Club Champion 2014 with a net score of 134 was Allan Falkenberg. On the second day he used 89 strokes and 31 putts.


For the Rookie and Guest class, the winner this year was Michael Hansen. He used 115 strokes on the second day and in total ended with a net score of 146.


Late congratulations to all winners from the Club Championships 2014 in Calatagan.


Summer Vacation and 2014/2015 Season

From the board, we would like to thank you all for the 2013 – 2014 golf season. It’s been a great season with a lot of participants and we hope to see all of you again next season.

We are currently working on finalizing the schedule for next season’s tournaments and will send it out as soon as possible. In the meantime, we hope you’ll all have a great summer vacation back in Scandinavia, in Philippines or wherever you might go.


See you all next season.