Dear all,

After cancelling the first attempt due to an approaching typhoon we were finally able to have our monthly tournament in Sun Valley where we played last Sunday 25th Jan. Spite of short notice and problems with our web page we still managed to gather 14 players who enjoyed a beautiful course on a beautiful day with following results:

Class B

2nd Runner Up ; Bendt Mortensen 103 strokes, 33 putts and 32 points
1st Runner Up : Michael Kruse 108 strokes, 37 putts and 33 points
Champion : Jesper Klindt Pedersen 98 strokes, 38 putts and 33 points

Class A

2nd Runner Up : Roy Bjorklund 95 strokes, 36 putts and 30 points
1st Runner Up : Flemming Hansen, 97 strokes, 35 putts and 33 points
Champion : Hannu Virtanen , 85 strokes, 28 putts and 35 points

Fewest putts Hannu with 28 , nearest pin Hannu, longest drive ladies Lotta and longest drive men was Hans.

We take this opportunity to once again great our two new members welcome to the Club, Jesper Klindt Pedersen a Dane and Henry Lindberg a Finn who both have promised to participate in the ski-race in Matanbungcay in May. However before that event we have several other tournaments where next one is in Sherwood Hils in Cavite on Feb 22nd at 09.00 where we hope to see a big crowd….so please sign up as early as possible.

See you there !!!