About SGCP

The Scandinavian Golf Club of the Philippines (SGCP) is a non-profit, non-stock membership organization (the Club). The purpose of the SGCP is to promote friendship and golfing activities among the Nordic countries and their associates and to provide members of the Club with the possibility of enjoying golfing. The Club has an average membership of 60 – 80 players at any time and the tournaments have an average of 35 – 50 participants. Due to the holiday season middle of the calendar year our annual golf season runs from August to May on a monthly bases.

Membership is open to all Scandinavians and members of their families including Finns. The board can approve non-Scandinavians as associate members on regular member’s recommendation. A basic criterion is a business or personal relationship with a member or Scandinavian (including Finnish) company. Associate members have the same basic rights and obligations as regular members but they are not counted for the Year End Awards and Club Championship.

SGCP has now entered its 38th-year’s season. It is normal that the Club arranges a tournament(s) each month of the season and the playing dates are set for the season. Please check the dates and venues for this season at Tournaments of this web site.

The Board of Directors is elected on annual bases. Please refer to the Board Member page of this web site for the incumbent Directors for the season 2013 – 2014. You are encouraged to be in touch with any of them what ever concerns or proposals you might have. You can also send an e-mail from this web-site under the Contact Us link.

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like you all to participate to develop the Club more enjoyable for all members.

Happy golfing to all of you.

Hannu T Virtanen