Bi-Laws and Constitution


The Scandinavian Golf Club of the Philippines (SGCP) is a non-profit, non-stock membership organization (the Club). The purpose of the SGCP is to promote friendship and golfing activities among Scandinavians (including Finns, Icelanders and their family members) and to provide members of the Club with the possibility of enjoying golfing.



Section a. Eligibility

Membership is open to all Scandinavians and members of their families including Finns and Icelanders.


Section b. Admission

An application for membership shall be addressed to the Board, and an application shall be admitted as member upon approval of the Board and payment of the membership fee.


Section c. Termination

The Board of the Club can terminate the membership of an individual member by any of the following causes:

  1. Non-payment of membership fees and/or other dues of the member for more than one season i.e. 6 months (one calendar year = two seasons) or for any other time period the Board may decide for this purpose.
  2. Expulsion of the member on the ground of disloyalty, willful violation of the By-laws of the Club or any other act which the Board may deem seriously inimical to the intents and objectives of the Club. No member shall be expelled except upon the vote of a majority of all the members of the Board, and only after due hearing in which such member shall have the right to be heard and to confront the complainant and the witnesses of said complaint.




Section a. General Assembly

The governing body of the Club shall be the General Assembly of the Club.

The Club shall hold an annual General Assembly in April/May of each year, at which a new Board for the Club shall be elected effective 1 June of the same calendar year. This meeting shall be called by the President.

A special General Assembly of the Club may be called at any time by the President, by the Board with single majority decision, or by the members of the Club with written request to any of the Board members and constituting at least one third (1/3) of the total number of members of the Club on the date of the request for the general assembly.


Section b. Board


The Board shall compose of the following officers if not otherwise decided by the general assembly:

    1. The President
    2. The Treasurer
    3. The Public Relations Director
    4. The Tournament Director
    5. The Secretary

The Board may call additional, non-voting members for any specific purpose the Board may deem appropriate.



The Term of the Board and its individual members shall be one year (see Section a. above) if not otherwise decided by the General Assembly. If any of the Board Members loses his/her seat in the Board for any other reason than through expiration of the term, the vacancy shall be filled by the Board for the remaining term until the successor shall have been duly elected by the General Assembly.


Section c. Powers and Responsibilities of the Board

The Board shall be executive arm of the Club, enforce and execute the provisions of the Constitution and the By-laws, the rules, regulations, policies and all other activities and responsibilities promulgated by the general assembly of the Club. Activities and responsibilities of the Board in general and its individual members consist but are not limited to the following:



The President shall be the head and chief executive officer of the Club. He/She shall preside over all meetings of the Board and he/she shall be responsible for the giving of the notices of such meetings. He/She or his/her designate shall represent the Club on all occasions in which representation of the Club may be required or agreed upon by the General Assembly or by the Board.



The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all properties and funds of the Club, and he/she shall deposit all funds in such banking institutions as the Board may designate. He/She shall be responsible to collect all fees and dues, as well as other contributions which may be agreed upon by the Board or the General Assembly of the Club. He/She shall prepare and keep accurate books of accounts for the Club, and shall render such financial reports as the Board may require.



He/She shall raise funds and find sponsors for the Club.



He/She shall be responsible to maintain handicap records of all the members, to inform members and to improve members’ knowledge about the rules of golf and other issues related to rules of golf and to their application and implementation in the Club.



He/She shall be responsible re all activities for scheduling and organizing tournaments, recording the results and filing the results accordingly. He/She shall furthermore take care of the acquisition of prizes and awards for tournaments.



He/She shall be the custodian of all the records and papers of the Club and responsible for collecting, consolidating and filing them. He/She shall prepare and keep minutes of the meetings of the Board. Furthermore, he/she shall be responsible for preparing and conveying information and notices to members re all activities of the Club.



Section a. Notices

Notice of general assembly shall be given by mail not less than two calendar weeks before the date of the meeting. The Notices of meetings shall state briefly the agenda of the meeting.


Section b. Voting Rights

Each member shall be entitled to one vote. Members who are delinquent in the payment of membership fee(s) and/or other dues on the date of the vote shall not be entitled to vote.


Section c. Quorum

At any meeting (general assembly, board meeting, etc.) of the Club, the presence in person or by proxy of the members holding one half (1/2) of the total eligible votes shall constitute a quorum.


Section d. Decision-making

Decision in the General Assembly and in the Board shall be made upon the vote of a majority of the meeting subject to the quorum of the meeting. In the event of even votes in the meeting the opinion of the President of the Club will determine the course of action.


Section e. Minutes

Minutes of all meetings of the Club (including Board meetings) shall be kept and carefully preserved as a record of the business transacted at such meetings by the elected secretary of the meeting or by the secretary of the Board.


Section f. Handicaps

A new member must have a valid handicap certificate which is not more than three (3) months old or he/she must have played in a Club tournament at least once before he/she will receive the Club (S.G.C.P.) handicap. Without a valid Club handicap he/she will participate in tournament as a guest. A guest is not eligible to win any price in a tournament.


Section g. Fees

The Membership Fee and/or other dues will be decided by the Board annually.


Section h. Auditing

The Auditor, appointed by the General Assembly, shall once a year review the books kept by the Treasurer and shall at the General Assembly present a report giving a full account of the monetary situation of the Club.



These By-Laws of the Club may be amended (i) by the affirmative and unanimous vote of all the Board members at any regular or special meeting of the Board duly called for the purpose, provided that written notice of such proposed amendment or repeal has been served upon all members of the Club at least three weeks before the scheduled date of the effectiveness of such amendment or repeal and in the absence of a written request to call a general assembly by any of the Club members before the close of business one day prior to the effectiveness of such amendment or repeal; or (ii) by the affirmative vote of the majority of eligible participants of the Club’s regular or special general assembly duly called for the purpose, provided that written notice of the proposed amendment or repeal be served upon all members at least two (2) weeks before the scheduled date of the meeting and subject to quorum of the meeting.



Dissolution of the Club shall need two (2) consequent general assembly decisions subject to quorum of general assembly meetings and meetings not less than two (2) calendar months from each other.

If the Club is dissolved, any money and other assets that may remain shall be spent as the general assembly will decide in its final (second) meeting to dissolve the Club.