Dear Members,


First of all, I will like to use this opportunity to thank you all for a great weekend in Calatagan.

As mentioned by Hans in Calatagan, we have 2 gift certificates for GolfPH that you as a Scandinavian Golf Member can buy for a very cheap price. We managed to get GolfPH to donate these 3 memberships as a sponsorship to the club.


The purpose:

We have created a new website for SGCP and we are trying to look for sponsorships to cover at least parts of the cost for development of the site. Auctioning off these Gift Certificates would create some sponsorship which will help fund a part of the website at least.

Apart from the auction, another way to cover these costs is through banner sponsors on the website which we also are trying to find sponsors for. So if you are interested or know of anyone who could be interested in a banner spot on the website, then please contact me (small peter: and we can set up an agreement for this.

The current price: Hans started the bidding at PHP for each membership to GolfPH.

Deadline: December 1, 2013

Auction Type: First-price and Second-price sealed-bid;

– Members can until deadline send a bid for either both certificates and/or one certificate by email.

– The highest and second highest bid will win the auction and a GolfPH certificate each.

– If the bid for both certificates exceeds the highest and second highest single certificate bid, he/she will win both certificates.

Please send your sealed bid to:


The advantages of the GolfPH membership:

– Access to 43+ members only golf courses

– 15-45 % discount on the green fee, on selected courses

– Discounts at Pro Shops

– Exclusive invitation to golf events and tournaments

– Online booking

Please visit GolfPH for more info.

The procedure:

If/when you won the auction, you will get the certificate and a business card with an email address that you need to contact.

1. Write an email where you say that you have bought this certificate as member of SGCP and want to create a member at GolfPH

2. You will receive a special link, where you can register as member.

3. Enjoy your membership and all the possibilities it gives.


Kind Regard,

Small Peter