Results, Calatagan May16/17, 2015

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Dear all, We were 20 players plus some family members and friends who met up for a weekend of golf in Calatagan where the Club Championship for the 2014/15 season was decided. As usual the Club Championship was played over two days where the first leg also was our regular monthly tournament which was played in the usual stableford format. Following are the results from Saturday May 16th: Fewest putts, Melody Marzo with 30 putts Nearest the pin, Hannu Pelkonen Longest drive men, Jesper Klindt Petersen Longest drive ladies, Rowena Bjorklund...

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Results from Midlands April 26th

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Dear all, We were 20 players who met up in Midlands last Sunday where we were able to play the very beautiful course on a very beautiful day so no wonder why the score also became very beautiful (spite of the fairly long holes and strong wind) Here are the results from Midlands: Longest drive Ladies, Lotta Haase Longest drive Men , Nils Alsatra Nearest pin, Hans Haase Fewest putts, Bjarne Trovag with 27 Guest Class Champion, Christian Nilsson, 30 points, 37 putts Class B 2nd Runner up, Anders Nielsen, 36 points, 30 putts 1st Runner up,...

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Midlands reminder

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Dear all The Club is now following up regarding the number of flights they shall reserv so now we really need to know who will play ?? Please register on our web page now … far only 9 registered but with Roy, ROWENA, Flemming, Michal and Henry Norman we are at least 14 which is far less than what we have committed to the Club so please help out here and register soonest, thanks Also for your guidance since we play on a Sunday this time where all want to go home soonest after the game we will just have an ordinary awarding at the...

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Calatagan May 16/17

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Dear all This is an early reminder for all of you to register on our web page for our Club Championship in Calatagan on May 16/17. We have blocked off all rooms in Coral Beach Club from 15th to 17th May so please confirm your own booking by directly contacting Coral Beach on 0917 9014635 tell them that you are a member of SGCP else they will not accept your booking (talk to Gina or Joey) Please be aware that they will release rooms not booked until end of the month to other guests so better book now !!! Hans

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New date for Midlands

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Dear all, Please be informed that due to the Club strictly has implemented the rule of at least one member in each flight we have to change the date of our next tournament which now will be held on April 26th at 09.00 at Midlands where we will play the main course (so not anymore the Lucky Nine) On the 26th we have enough members to accommodate all SGCP players while on the 19th we would not.On behalf of the board we are very sorry for this last minute change and sincerely hope that you still can attend on the new date April 26th for which we...

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Result Ayala Greenfield

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Dear all, Like they say “better late than never” so here are the results from Ayala Greenfield last March 22nd which attracted a crowd well above the required minimum number so the Club gave us a nice tournament rate Spite of the first heavy rain for the wet season some players managed to score dream results….or what can you say about the following scores: CLASS A Champion with 42 points Per-Arne Waloen !st Runner up with 42 points as well but higher handicap Allan Falkenberg 2nd Runner up with 41 points Bjarne Trovag CLASS...

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Reminder !!

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Please sign up for Ayala Greenfield now…….we are only 14 registered players but have committed to the Club 20 players so we need at least six more so please sign up now !!

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Results Sherwood Feb 22,2015

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Dear all, We were a big crowd who showed up on a beautiful day on a beautiful golf course which presently is ranked number three in the Philippines after the Country Club and St Helena . With such conditions some of us were inspired to produce wonderful golf where the high scores could have been even higher if the greens would have been a bit easier to negotiate, small, hard and very fast which resulted in more putts for most of us than what we normally do. Before going to the results I would like to remind all of you to be better with...

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Dear all, This is to remind you to sign up on the web page and that our tee off time is at 07.40 this coming Sunday. If this message reaches you then please spread it around to other SGCP players as we have committed 20 players, thanks Brgds Hans

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New tee off time Sherwoods

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Dear all Today Sherwoods informed that our tee off time has been changed to 07.40 on feb 22nd. It should not take more than 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there on a Sunday morning and from the positive side we will all be home earlier !! Please be on time as there are other groups booked after us !! Please also sign up on the web page and last but not least spread this information around to all SGCP members you know since we still have problems reaching out to all our members with our messages, thanks. Brgds...

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