Result Ayala Greenfield

Dear all,

Like they say “better late than never” so here are the results from Ayala Greenfield last March 22nd which attracted a crowd well above the required minimum number so the Club gave us a nice tournament rate :)
Spite of the first heavy rain for the wet season some players managed to score dream results….or what can you say about the following scores:

Champion with 42 points Per-Arne Waloen
!st Runner up with 42 points as well but higher handicap Allan Falkenberg
2nd Runner up with 41 points Bjarne Trovag

Champion with 38 points Klas Lundgren
1st Runner up with 35 points Michael Hansen
2nd Runner up with 34 points Flemming Hansen

Champion with 36 points Gerry Magbanua with 36 points

Last but not least a big thanks to Knud and Eimie for inviting us to their beautiful Club !!!

Please sign up early for our next tournament in Midlands, Tagatay on April 19th at 09.00