Results, Calatagan May16/17, 2015

Dear all,

We were 20 players plus some family members and friends who met up for a weekend of golf in Calatagan where the Club Championship for the 2014/15 season was decided.
As usual the Club Championship was played over two days where the first leg also was our regular monthly tournament which was played in the usual stableford format. Following are the results from Saturday May 16th:

Fewest putts, Melody Marzo with 30 putts
Nearest the pin, Hannu Pelkonen
Longest drive men, Jesper Klindt Petersen
Longest drive ladies, Rowena Bjorklund

Guest Class Winner
Melody Marzo, 30 putts and 45 points (bye bye handicap)

Rockie Class Winner
Che Rodriquez, 44 putts and 31 points

Class B
2nd Runner Up, Klas Lundgren with 38 putts and 34 points
1st Runner Up, Per Stangegaard with 32 putts and 35 points
Champion, Lotta Haase with 36 putts and 36 points

Class A
2nd Runner Up, Hans Haase with 34 putts and 37 points
1st Runner Up, Jesper Klindt Petersen with 33 putts and 41 points
Champion, Nils Alsatra with 32 putts and 41 points

After the golf on Saturday we all gathered on the bamboo rafts where champagne, beer and hot dogs were served (for those who came on time:) ) After having freshened up a bit it was time to gather again, this time for a healthy and very nice BBQ dinner which was set up on right on the beach where we all were responsible for cooking our own steaks.
After the dinner it was time for the awarding of the yearly winners. For the member of the year we had 3 players who had participated in all 10 tournaments for this season, Per, Flemming and Nils. With unanimous decision Nils was voted as the member of the year , in this regard members and the rest of the board took the opportunity to thank Nils for the the time and the excellent work he spends in our Club !!!
The most improved player of the year is also our youngest member who this season started on HCP index 41 and due to steadily improving his golfing techniques he had now come down to index 31.5 so an over all improvement of 9.5 strokes….well done Michael …continue like this and you will soon be the best golfer in the Hansen family !!
The player of the year had until Calatagan delivered outstanding golf which no other member even came close to. Spite of having been lowered for every tournament he still played better than his new handicap, or what can you say about 235 points on his six best tournaments …..that is an average of 39 points per game, very very well done Bjarne !!!

MEMEBER OF THE YEAR, Nils Alsatra who joined all 10 tournaments
MOST IMPROVED MEMBER OF THE YEAR, Michael Hansen from index 41 down to index 31.5
PLAYER OF THE YEAR, Bjarne Trovag 235 points on six best tournaments

After the awarding of the yearly winners we moved over to the “Ski Stadium” where we held our traditional “ski – race” this time we watched a close fight between Denmark and “Finland”….it was a close race until the Finnish Coach managed to step on the skis of his racer so Denmark could easily and alone continue the race but were still not able to make it to the finish line. Anyway, fact remains that heading into next season Denmark are again the ruling “Ski-race Champions of Matanbungkay “…well done Jesper and also Che :))

On Sunday morning after a short nights rest we all teed off for the most prestigious title in our Club where Nils, Jesper, Klas and undersigned set off in the leader ball (due to highest scores from Saturday ). While it seems like most other players got drained due to the very hot day Nils and Jesper managed to “hydrate” themselves throughout all 18 holes where the Championship literally was won on the 18th green by Jesper !!

Results of the Club Championship May 17th 2015

Fewest putts, Melody Marzo with 29
Nearest pin, Michael Hansen
Longest drive ladies, Lotta Haase
Longest drive men, Nils Ole Jeppesen

2nd Runner Up in the Championship, Hans Haase with 148 net strokes
1st Runner Up in the Championship, Nils Alsatra with 147 net strokes
Club Champion 2015-2015, Jesper Klindt Petersen with 141 net strokes

Last but not least…remember to “sponsor our sponsors” who this year were following:

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3. Jun’s Golbags, for customized golf bags 0915-9950032
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See you again next season unless we met in June for our fun tournament for which the date soon will be posted on our web page……