Results from Calatagan Weekend

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this newsletter from El Nido, Palawan while reading about all the devastation caused by the typhoon Yolanda. Luckily, El Nido was not as badly hit as other provinces and I hope you and your loved ones got through the typhoon safely as well!! I hope we all find ways to help those in need!

Apart from this, I owe you an update from our Calatagan tournament last November 2 and 3 (Sry for the delay). As usual it was a weekend with lots of activities, all the seafood we could eat combined with a bit of alcohol which cannot go wrong…  It was good to see so many guests and new faces this time and we hope to see you again in the future.
As always, the weekend was structured as 2 separate tournaments. Saturday was the normal monthly Scandinavian Tournament and Sunday Presidents Cup – Combined scores of Saturday and Sunday.

Day 1 – Saturday
Guest Class had 8 participants this time with a combination of Rookies as well as low handicappers. We can’t blame the winner for playing on too high a handicap as he was playing on handicap 1. With that he still managed to score 37 stableford points and was actually adjusted down for the Sunday tournament, well played Sigurd Mahler. In Rookie Class we had 3 participants. Here, the winner played on handicap 54, used 41 putts and scored 27 stableford points – Peter Nguyen.

In Class A and B we are now starting to see the effects of the new handicap regulation. We had some high stableford scores this time so hopefully as intended this will make it possible for everyone to have a chance of winning during the season.

In Class B, 2nd runner up was Lotta Haase, she played on handicap 36, used 29 putts which gave her 39 points. 1st runner up was Peter Sejersen, a new member. He played on handicap 35, used 34 putts which was enough for 39 points as well. And the winner of Class B playing on handicap 34, using 37 putts and getting 43 points was myself 

In Class A, the 2nd runner up was Roy Bjoerklund. He played on handicap 17, used 27 putts only which was enough for 40 stableford points. 1st runner up was Eimie Hedeager, she played on handicap 23, used 26 putts and that was enough for 42 points. The winner of Class A was Flemming Hansen. Playing on handicap 27 he managed to score 44 stableford points this time. So with these results, several players got adjusted down in handicap for day 2, Presidents Cup.

Day 2 – Sunday
Presidents Cup as always was decided based on points from Saturday combined with points converted from stroke play from day 2. The tournament was split up in 2, one for members and one for Rookies and Guest players. The winner amongst Rookies and Guests was Sigurd Mahler. His Sunday round was not as good as Saturday but he still only used 80 strokes which was enough for 29 points when converting. So combined over the two days he scored 66 SFP.
In member’s class, the 4th runner up was Eimie Hedeager. Combined with day 1, she scored 72 SFP. 3rd runner up was Michael Kruse with 74 SFP. 2nd runner up was his son, Rasmus Kruse, with a combined score of 75 SFP. 1st runner up was me with 78 SFP and the winner of Presidents Cup, 2013 was Flemming Hansen who played very well both days. And even with his adjusted handicap he still scored 37 SFP on the second day. So his combined score was 80 SFP.

Apart from golf we also had the ever returning skiing competition Saturday night. This time, I’m afraid the Swedes won by far against the combined Danish and Finnish team. So in May there is a rematch on the program!

Congratulations to all winners in Calatagan.

This got a bit long so I better stop here and just remind you that the next and last tournament of 2013 is on December 1 where we play Villamore. And then again I hope you all got safely through the typhoon.

IMG_5997(The Mayor waiting for all players at 18th hole)