Results from Forest Hills Tournament

Hi Everyone,


On a day where Denmark is back in Formula 1 with a fantastic 3rd place, the Swedes beat the Danes in the small inter country battle we usually have during the monthly Scandinavian Golf Club tournaments. Today, we played Forest Hills Golf & Country Club, it was in great condition and with very fast greens.
Forest Hills

The results of today were:

In Guest Class the winner today was Tess Staub. She is a member of the Forest Hills Golf Club and played very well with only 88 strokes, 31 putts which was enough for 31 stableford points. In Rookie Class today’s winner was Michael Hansen. He just came back yesterday from a big tournament in Malaysia and managed to finish in 128 strokes which gave him 30 stableford points.

In Class B, the 2nd runner up today was Poul Pedersen. He finished in 112 strokes, using 33 putts which gave him 31 stableford points. 1st runner up was Finn Poulsen who played the course in 119 strokes, used 40 putts and scored 33 stableford points. And the winner of Class B was Niels Ole Jeppesen with a great round in 100 strokes, 33 putts which was enough for him to score 41 stableford points this time, very well done.

In Class A, the 2nd runner up today was Flemming Hansen. He finished in 98 strokes, 38 putts and scored 34 stableford points. As 1st runner up we had Hans Haase, who finished in 98 strokes, 33 putts and that was enough for 35 stableford points. And the winner of Class A today was Roy Bjoerklund. He used only 87 strokes and 28 putts (Lowest putts of the day) which was enough for 37 stableford points.

All results and handicaps are now updated on the website for those who are interested.


Congratulations to all the winners.


With that I would like to remind everyone to sign up already now for the upcoming tournaments. We have our usual tournament in Tagaytay Midlands where after the tournament, we are all invited home to Roy and Rowena’s house for food and drinks while the awarding will take place. And usually it happens that some people stay there late :)

We also need everyone to sign up for the Club Championships in Calatagan on May 3 and May 4. This time, for the Saturday tournament, we will be joining another local tournament as well which means we have a lot of prizes to play for this time. To participate in this tournament we need everyone to team up in teams of 2. And then those teams will compete against all other teams on the day for the overall prize. More on this later on but please sign up for the Calatagan tournament now and email me or Hans to inform about your team mates for the Saturday tournament.

We need to know the teams before April!


With that I have no more for now. Have a good rest of the Sunday and see you all next time.