Results from Midlands April 26th

Dear all,

We were 20 players who met up in Midlands last Sunday where we were able to play the very beautiful course on a very beautiful day so no wonder why the score also became very beautiful (spite of the fairly long holes and strong wind)

Here are the results from Midlands:
Longest drive Ladies, Lotta Haase
Longest drive Men , Nils Alsatra
Nearest pin, Hans Haase
Fewest putts, Bjarne Trovag with 27

Guest Class
Champion, Christian Nilsson, 30 points, 37 putts

Class B
2nd Runner up, Anders Nielsen, 36 points, 30 putts
1st Runner up, Nils-Ole Jeppesen, 38 points, 34 putts
Champion, Michael Fredriksen, 38 points, 31 putts

Class A
2nd Runner up, Palle Finnman, 37 points, 32 putts
1st Runner up, Hannu Pelkonen, 38 points, 33 putts
Champion, Bjarne Trovag, 39 points, 27 putts

Also taking this opportunity to remind everyone to register on the web page for Calatagan May 16/17 soonest possible including letting us know whether you will bring family members/partners/friends so that we know how many kilos and liters we have to bring along.

In Calatagan we will also elect the board for next season for which we highly appreciate any nominees you have in mind, we really need some enforcement so just speak up !!

Last but not least I just now spoke to Coral Beach Club who informed that they now only have 5 rooms left so better book right away before these rooms are gone….0917-9014635