Results from Tagaytay Lowlands – New Holes

Dear all

On behalf of the SGCP board I would like to thank Rowena and Roy for an fantastic golf tournament which not only offered nice weather , scenaric views, the opportunity to play a brand new challenging course but also Swedish hot dogs and jammy toasts in the tee-houseĀ  which all was served by the charming daughters of Rowena & Roy……..and of course as icing on the cake this is first time ever we had the opportunity to enjoy a rolling bar which closely followed us along the course to make sure we always had a beer in hand when not busy driving or putting !!!

As if this was not enough we had a fantastic dinner party in Rowena & Roys house after the tournament where a lot of Swedish dishes and “Scottish” drinks were served while enjoying the nice breeze up in Tagatay…….some of us took the opportunity to relax in Roy’s jacuzzi until early morning hours and stayed over for another round of golf on Sunday where we hit the “original” Midlands holes .

This was also the first time we had more guests than members where the majority were Swedes who got the” taste” of beating Danes in the recently held Viking Cup however this time it turned out that the Danes came out on top of the “mini-Viking-Cup” we arranged in between the regular SGCP battle, so now it is all square and we are all looking forward to a continuation in Calatagan :)

The details of the results can be viewed by scrolling down in the front page of our website

Once again…Rowena and Roy thank you sooooo much for a nice golfing event, we already look forward to next year !!!