Results Sherwood Feb 22,2015

Dear all,

We were a big crowd who showed up on a beautiful day on a beautiful golf course which presently is ranked number three in the Philippines after the Country Club and St Helena . With such conditions some of us were inspired to produce wonderful golf where the high scores could have been even higher if the greens would have been a bit easier to negotiate, small, hard and very fast which resulted in more putts for most of us than what we normally do.
Before going to the results I would like to remind all of you to be better with signing up on our web page which last week was modified a bit and is now functioning much better. It is a great help for us who makes the flights and calculates playing handicaps to have all players registered at least a week before the tournament, not to mention when we commit a minimum number of players to the golf club like our next tournament in Ayala Greenfield where we minimum need to be 20 players, so please register now!! If you don’t know how to do or have forgotten your passwords then please contact undersigned for assistance.
Now to the results from Sherwood’s
Technical prices:
Longest drive men : Bjarne
Longest drive ladies: Marit
Nearest pin: Hannu V.
Fewest putts: Bjarne 26 putts

Champion Guest class:
Ulla GISSLANDER with 21 points, 123 strokes, 38 putts

Champion Rockie class:
Marit with 31 points, 131 strokes, 38 putts…..well done Marit and hope to see you more frequent on our future SGCP tournaments!!

Class B
2nd Runner up , Per-Arne with 35 points, 92 strokes, 32 putts

1st Runner up, Jesper with 37 points, 97 strokes, 29 putts

Champion, Lotta with 39 points, 102 strokes, 35 putts

Class A
2nd Runner up, Eimie with 37 points, 86 strokes, 34 putts

1st Runner up, Roy with 42 points, 82 strokes ( even par with 36 strokes on back nine!),29 putts

Champion, Bjarne with 45 points, 77 strokes , 26 putts . Needless to say bye bye handicap but what can you expect from a guy who lives on a golf course and plays more or less every day on Sherwood’s …..still congratulations, really well done and thanks for helping out with the booking of Sherwoods !!

Last but not least sign up now for next tournament in Ayala Greenfield on March 22nd at 09.00..see you all there!!